Car Parking Space
Over 60 car parking spaces are available. 2-hour free parking ticket will be provided if purchases total over 2,000 yen in Yume-Kaze Plaza.
Bicycle Parking Space
Bicycle parking space is available free of charge; convenient for rental bicycle users (motor bikes over 50cc are not accepted).
Barrier-free Restroom
Physically challenged people and wheelchair users can easily access our barrier-free restroom. Some restroom stalls are equipped with a baby seat.

Community Space

Yume-Kaze Hall
Multipurpose hall for exhibitions and lectures. Reservation required in advance for use.
Event Space
A wooden stage is used for mini-live performances and other events. Reservation required in advance for use.
Kutsurogi Square
Open-air terrace overlooking the view of Mt. Wakakusa is open for everyone (closed during special events).

For Physically Challenged People

Wheelchair Rental
For the safety of physically challenged people, wheelchair rental service is available free of charge.
Wheelchair Parking Space
Three wheelchair parking spaces are available in the car parking space. It is recommended to let our office know in advance for use.