Privacy Policy

Yume-Kaze Plaza’s(“Our facility”hereafter) vision regarding privacy policy
Our facility deals with a variety of information including customers´ personal information. Respecting the value of this information, our facility continuously and strictly develops information management systems.
Our facility always considers primarily the following items and hereby declares that we take all possible measures to ensure the personal information protection of our customers.

Observance of Law

In dealing with personal information, our facility observes liability ordained in the law applied to relevant personal information protection and the guideline of the competent minister and this policy.

Usage within the Limit of Utilization Purpose

Our facility deals with personal information only within the limit of manifested or announced utilization purposes, except for the cases that is regarded as an exception by law when our facility obtains consent from the person in advance while specifying the utilization purpose as clearly as possible.

Manifestation of Utilization Purpose

Our facility attempts to acquire personal information after obtaining consent from the person in advance while manifesting utilization purpose, radius of cooperative users and other necessary information. Information acquired is only used to correspond correctly and promptly to the person’s request.

Safety Control

Our facility attempts to keep acquired personal information correct and updated within the limited utilization purpose. To protect it from illegal access, defacing and leaking, our facility takes all necessary and appropriate safety control measures possible according to the present technology level.

Provide Personal Information to a Third Party

Our facility may need to delegate third parties acquired personal information to deal within the limited utilization purpose. These third parties are selected on the basis of having been confirmed to satisfy a certain security level of protecting personal information. Our facility provides the necessary and appropriate supervision based on the contract. Our facility will not provide personal information to third parties other than our cooperative users without consent from the involved individual except for the cases regarded as a legal exception. Our facility will not provide personal information to third parties according to the second clause of Article 23 regarding the protection of personal information law.

Request of Information Disclosure and Respect for the Rights

Our facility respects the right of customers with regard to personal information and will sincerely cooperate if a customer requires us to disclose, correct, delete or decline use or provision of his/her personal information.

Complaint Handling

Our facility will take prompt and appropriate measures to address any complaints from the person about their personal information, and will maintain the facility.

Continual Improvement of the Facility

Our facility ensures that our administrators and staff members understand the importance of personal information and formulates, executes and continuously improves management rules to ensure the proper utilization of personal information.