Yume-Kaze Plaza – The place for appreciating Nara’s food and culture

Nara’s representative food and goods
All kinds of dining and shopping options await you: Japanese cuisine and sweets using pure Yoshino kudzu starch and a variety of local ingredients, authentic Italian cuisine in the old massive samurai residence setting, a café with an open-air terrace seats with superb view of Todai-ji Temple (World Heritage) and Mount Wakakusa, and shops offering traditional Japanese sweets, hand-woven linen textile goods, Nara’s locally brewed sake, and traditional local vegetables.
Feel slow time flow of Nara with all five senses
Feel slow time flow of Nara and use all five senses to enjoy this special city. Fun welcome plan and event are often presented at Yume-Kaze Plaza: music & live event, beer garden, marche (market), book reading, etc.. Yume-Kaze Plaza is a “plaza” for everyone, both locals and tourists to relax and enjoy cultural exchange.

Surrounded by the World Heritage Sites and full of history of the old capital

Superb view beyond expectation
“Yume-Kaze Plaza”, located in Nara Park, is situated in the center of Nara’s tourist highlights, just next to Todai-ji Temple. The area is surrounded by many UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Kasuga Grand Shrine, Primitive Forest of Mount Kasuga, Kofuku-ji Temple, Shoso-in Repository and Gango-ji Temple) as well as other cultural highlights, such as Nara National Museum and Isui-en Garden.
One of the most attractive points of Yume-Kaze Plaza is a superb view. Magnificent view of Mount Wakakusa, Nara Park, Mount Mikasa, Mount Tamuke, and Tobihino Hill show seasonal beauty in each season.
History of the old capital still alive
There used to be headquarters office of the Oda-gumi Corporation on the site Yume-Kaze Plaza locating today. Founded in 1830, Oda-gumi has developed with the city of Nara as a construction company. Old headquarters building and other wooden one-story buildings were renovated in this spacious site (about 8,000 square meters). Entering a narrow lane, walking under the eaves of classical Japanese buildings, crossing in a Japanese garden, and walking through the corridor with pillars which is representative old Japanese architecture design. Yume-Kaze plaza consists of more than a dozen of Japanese buildings. Every time you take a turn, there will be new encounters with people and shops. Be a traveler and enjoy strolling around this unique shopping and dining complex. Yume-Kaze Plaza will always let you discover new entertainment and amusement.