Floor map

  • Warabe Yorokobi AnWarabe Yorokobi An
  • Kurokawa HonkeKurokawa Honke
  • Mahoroba Daibutsu Pudding HonpoMahoroba Daibutsu Pudding Honpo
  • Todai-ji Monzen IchibaTodai-ji Monzen Ichiba
  • Cafe i-lungaCafe i-lunga
  • NarayaNaraya
  • Tenpyo-anTenpyo-an
  • Ristorante i-lungaRistorante i-lunga
  • Yume Kaze Hall (2F) / Management Center (1F)Yume Kaze Hall (2F) / Management Center (1F)
  • mont-bellmont-bell

Shop List

  • Warabe Yorokobi An

    Osaka’s time-honored soba buckwheat noodle shop offering delicious soba in Nara.

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    Warabe Yorokobi An
  • Kurokawa Honke

    Kurokawa Honke, founded in 1615, is the time-honored shop specializing in kudzu (plant producing starch) products in Yoshino mountain area in the southern part of Nara.

    more Kurokawa Honke
    Kurokawa Honke
  • Ban-INOUE

    Specializing in hand-woven linen products, Ban-INOUE suggests a lifestyle cherishing “traditional culture and material from Nara.”

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  • Mahoroba Daibutsu Pudding Honpo

    Homemade sweet caramel custard will remind you of nostalgic childhood. Try our caramel custard and feel warmth and gentleness.

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    Mahoroba Daibutsu Pudding Honpo
  • Todai-ji Monzen Ichiba

    Seasonal and safe vegetables, Nara’s specialties and products are all here; fresh, delicious, and reasonably priced as they are brought directly from the farms.

    more Todai-ji Monzen Ichiba
    Todai-ji Monzen Ichiba
  • Cafe i-lunga

    A relaxing and casual cafe produced by the owner of the exclusive Italian restaurant, Ristorante i-lunga.

    more Cafe i-lunga
    Cafe i-lunga
  • Naraya

    Nara’s souvenirs and tastes are all here for tourists and locals.A number of Nara’s original character goods(including Nara’s official mascot character, Sento-kun), snacks, accessories and specialties are all under one roof at Naraya.

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  • Tenpyo-an

    A variety of sweets using Nara’s yam and Yoshino kudzu (starch) respecting Nara’s local climate and seasons.Names of sweets derive from ancient Man-yo-shu (anthology of poems from the 7th century).

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    Kakinoha sushi and Izasa sushi, a Nara specialty originating from the food tradition deep in the ancient Yoshino and Kumano mountains.

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  • Ristorante i-lunga

    The chef, Junichiro Horie, worked in Italy for many years and achieved One-star in the famous restaurant guide in 2004 as the first Japanese chef.

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    Ristorante i-lunga
  • Yume Kaze Hall (2F) / Management Center (1F)

    Yume Kaze Hall is a multipurpose used space available for everyone. For details, please contact the management center.

    more Yume Kaze Hall (2F) / Management Center (1F)
    Yume Kaze Hall (2F) / Management Center (1F)
  • mont-bell

    Yume-Kaze Plaza’s original design T-shirts (limited production) are available. A variety of fun outdoor events will be held occasionally.

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    Outside is crispy and insideis fluffy. TEN.TEN.CAFE selects the finest ingredients for the best waffles. Sauces, jams and even ice creams for topping are all homemade. Live music and rakugo (traditional comical story-telling performance) event will be organized in the café.

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