Kakinoha sushi and Izasa sushi, a Nara specialty originating from the food tradition deep in the ancient Yoshino and Kumano mountains.

Kakinoha sushi is one of Nara’s delicacies made of rice seasoned with vinegar, with slices of salmon or salted mackerel on top, formed in the shape of a cube and wrapped with a persimmon leaf or kakinoha. In their shop on the 1st floor, the assorted sushi pack including Kakinoha sushi, their original Izasa sushi (rice topped with a slice of salmon wrapped with a bamboo leaf), Oshi sushi (pressed sushi) and other sushi varieties are popular. Delivery service is available so try our sushi at home. Their restaurant on the 2nd floor has a classical Japanese old house structure. In addition to Kakinoha sushi and Izasa sushi, steamed sushi and Miwa somen (super thin flour noodles) and other Japanese dishes are offered. One of the table seats has a superb view of the Nandai-mon Gate of Todai-ji Temple, Daibutsu-den Hall, Mount Wakakusa (reservation recommended to occupy this seating).

Izasa’s recommended assorted sushi “Higashi no Kawa”: 2,205 yen (tax included; postage excluded): 5 pieces of Kakinoha sushi (mackerel), 8 pieces of Rolled sushi of edible wild plants, 5 pieces of Sakura sushi, 4 pieces of Izasa sushi.

Kaze Gozen set (shown in the third picture): 2,000 yen (tax included): Steamed Izasa sushi, tempura, three side dishes, one seasonal dish, soup

*Available number of Kaze Gozen set is limited each day. It is recommended to come and take a seat early for lunch time.

Original ice cream
Milk: 300 yen, Brown sugar syrup & kinako soy bean powder: 350 yen, Nara’s green tea & sweet red bean paste: 350 yen

Traditional Nara sushi & restaurant
【売店】0742-22-8133 【レストラン】0742-94-7133
1F: 9:30-19:00 2F: 11:00-20:00 (L.O. 19:00)
Restaurant(the second floor) Table:40seats / Japanese-style room:20seats
Official site
  • ゐざさ IZASA
  • ゐざさ IZASA
  • ゐざさ IZASA

Floor map

  • Warabe Yorokobi AnWarabe Yorokobi An
  • Kurokawa HonkeKurokawa Honke
  • Mahoroba Daibutsu Pudding HonpoMahoroba Daibutsu Pudding Honpo
  • Todai-ji Monzen IchibaTodai-ji Monzen Ichiba
  • Cafe i-lungaCafe i-lunga
  • NarayaNaraya
  • Tenpyo-anTenpyo-an
  • Ristorante i-lungaRistorante i-lunga
  • Yume Kaze Hall (2F) / Management Center (1F)Yume Kaze Hall (2F) / Management Center (1F)
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